The institutional leadership of the Northern Illinois Conference (NIC), including Bishops, Ordained Clergy, boards, agencies, and staff, is strongly aligned with the Progressive wing of the United Methodist denomination. This leaves little room for traditionalist/orthodox/evangelical Methodists in the Northern Illinois Conference at present and no room at all in the future.

Though the institutionalists of the Northern Illinois Conference affirm that “nothing will change”, that “traditionalists are welcome”, and a Bishop or District Superintendent might promise that your local church can remain as it is and receive appointed pastors who support your traditional views, these are actually aspirational statements; they are perhaps good intentions, but not based in reality.

Noncompliance with the Book of Discipline at present is considered a badge of honor among Progressives. Once the Post-Separation United Methodist Church eliminates the current standards regarding ordination, definition of marriage, and the centrality of Scripture as the primary source of our faith and ethics, there will be little tolerance for traditionalists in a progressive/liberationist denomination. Promises to the contrary by present leaders do not in any way bind the decisions of future leaders. The middle ground has largely disappeared. Each of us will, by design or default, choose to stay within the post-separation United Methodist Church, choose to become part of the emerging traditionalist Methodist church, leave Methodism for another church family, or leave the church altogether.

These are serious choices with serious consequences. The Northern Illinois Wesleyan Covenant Association is available to inform, consult, and assist in your decision-making journey. Click here to get in touch and discuss ways we might be helpful to you and/or your local church.



Interim President
Wesleyan Covenant Association
1 Corinthians 15:58

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