Northern Illinois
Wesleyan Covenant Association
The United Methodist Church
is at a turning point. The next General Conference is expected to approve a plan of separation into two or more denominations.
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5 Things You Need To Know Now
and how this website can help you make informed decisions about each of them
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The Separation
of the United Methodist Church: A 30,000 foot Overview. In September 2021, the United Methodist Church is expected to approve its own separation into two or more denominations. Every United Methodist congregation will have to make a choice for their future.
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The mission of the Northern Illinois Wesleyan Covenant Association is to network with, provide resources for, and assist laity, clergy, local congregations, and disaffected United Methodists in the area to find their way in this transitional period of Methodism.

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The Northern Illinois Wesleyan Covenant Association is available for consultation to assist your local church in understanding the current situation, assess options that fit your congregation, and provide a “home” should you choose to become part of the emerging new traditionalist Methodist movement.

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Wesleyan Covenant Association

The Northern Illinois Wesleyan Covenant Association (Northern Illinois WCA) is a regional chapter of the larger, global Wesleyan Covenant Association. As such, we share a common commitments of faith, vision, and ministry.

For more information about the global Wesleyan Covenant Association follow the link below.

The Global Methodist Church

The Global Methodist Church is a primary destination for congregations, laity, and pastors who consider leaving the United Methodist Church for a denominational home more aligned with orthodox/traditional Methodist Christian faith and mission.

Check out the Global Methodist Church to see if it seems like a better fit for your worship, witness, and connection to the worldwide Christian community.

UMC General Conference 2024

The United Methodist General Conference has been Postponed until 2024…

Here's Another Fine Mess

“Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into!” Remember this ...

Is the Northern Illinois Conference

so inclusive that it can only include…well, people who think and vote like our...

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